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Spot on recommendations. Just for you.

The world’s most reliable recommendations app learns which movies, shows, books, restaurants and songs you like—and then recommends new ones you’ll love. Say hello to Hai!

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Reintroducing recommendations.

In a world full of customization—doesn’t it seem like there’s always a ton of options piled up in our queues, but still never anything good to watch? That frustrating day has come and gone forever.

Introducing Hai—a mobile and web app that become your very own recommendations platform. Hai learns what you like so it can recommend new things that you’ll love. Without endless options.

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Knows what you want before you do.

Your Hai app conveniently serves up new movie, music, book, TV, video game, and restaurant recommendations in seconds—customized recommendations that you can enjoy on Netflix, Hulu, Spotify—anywhere and everywhere. An exciting world of new things to enjoy and love is about to open up all around you. Your lifestyle is about to get an upgrade.


More of a muse. Less of a platform.

When we say “designed just for you,” we really mean it. Enjoy having your own fun connection with your Hai—a one-of-a-kind relationship that strengthens over time. The more you use yours—telling it what books, movies, shows and restaurants you love—the more it learns about you, the more precise its recommendations for you become. Kind of like that reliable best friend who knows you almost as well as you know yourself. Only smarter.


Don’t forget, sharing is caring.

Let the world know the kinds of things you love as you enjoy them. You can use bookmarks and create lists to keep track of ratings for new and old favorites. You can also share your own unique tastes to friends and your new Hai network. For the first time ever, it's ok to be a critic. In fact, it's very much welcomed and appreciated.

Who wouldn't love Hai?

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In the News

"Crossing Minds, which is launching in our Disrupt SF 2018 Battlefield today, is an AI startup that focuses on recommendations. The company's app, Hai, provides you with a wide range of entertainment recommendations, including books, music, shows, video games and restaurants, based on the data it can gather about you from services like Spotify, Netflix, Hulu and your Xbox." – TechCrunch